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“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Love and relationships can be our biggest joy – or our biggest pain. And most women I helped have typically suffered with a lifetime of not feeling worthy, lacking confidence, masculine energy, struggling to let go of past lover or falling into the same cyle of selecting the type of wrong men – over and over again.


If you are struggling with letting go of a past lover, frustrated with the dating process, tired of dating Mr. Wrong and you are READY to be the kind of feminine woman who can relinquish control, detach from the dating outcomes, embrace uncertainty and relax, flow, trust, participate in the process and have fun – and ultimately attract a High-Quality Man who Adores You and Appreciates Your Worth…  

then say, “HECK YEAH!”


Over the years you have been developing yourself: attending school, reading, taking workshops, studying and working with mentors.  To the world you look like you have it all together, but inside you are still trying to understand, “Why am I still single?”  

Deep down inside you know that you are ready for True Love and perhaps a Family… but perhaps you secretly feel embarrassed because love hasn’t happened yet!

I want to congratulate you for your willingness to open your heart to learning the secrets to attracting and keeping the true love you deserve!

Perhaps you’ve watched the LOVE BREAKTHROUGH SUMMIT and now you are ready to JUMP toward real love in a Healthy Relationship with YOUR Mr. Right! 

I’m proud to be able to support you in making a powerful choice, because I’ve been there!  

I've Been Where You Are...

Then I learned the Secrets to Attracting the Love I Deserved!

Hi I’m Camille Sheppard-Parrish and before I founded Get Mr. Right University™ and created the Love Mastery Program, I had everything I’d ever wanted (education, home, car, money) except someone to share deep lasting love with. 

Yes… I struggled with too much masculine energy. I was the breadwinner and did all the work in my past relationships because I attracted men who would not step up or stand up and be a real man.

And Yes… I definitely had to control my relationships and outcomes... but in reality – I feared opening my heart and trusting again.  

And because I was carrying emotional baggage from my childhood, I kept repeating old behavior patterns and bad habits, such as equating love with sex and being content with on-again off-again romances.  So, I fell into a cycle of attracting the wrong type of men who only wanted sex without commitment and on top of that – I sabotaged healthy relationships with quality men because I thought they were too good for me!

After my failed marriage – I was afraid.  I felt like my maternal clock was ticking away – way too fast. My self-confidence was at an all-time low. I was broken-hearted, overwhelmed and frustrated because I wanted my happily ever after and I did not know what I was doing wrong and how to get it with my Mr. Right. (I know some of y’all know what I’m talking about.)

So what changed the trajectory of my life – you might ask?

It wasn’t until I mustered up the courage and swallowed my pride and finally raised my hand to get the support, mentoring and coaching that I needed to break through what was blocking me from attracting the love and life that I had always dreamed of!

Once I did – I mastered love and discovered the secrets to manifesting and attracting any man, any thing, any time –  I wanted!  

In no time at all… I dated and married Nathan in only 11 short months!

It all started with being sick and tired of being sick and tired of the nonsense (men who are unavailable, don’t have their life together, and only wanted to see me on their terms) – the proverbial booty call!

But once I became UNAPOLOGETIC about letting go of fear and getting out of my comfort zone – where I thought love was going to come and find me! – I went from not knowing where all the high quality men were, and dating every once and a while, to being irresistible to men and having more dates than I could count every single week.

Now, I want to share what I’ve researched and learned with you, so you too can attract your high-quality Mr. Right who is worthy of you and will pursue you, date you, commit to you and even “Put a Ring on it!”

What if the only reason you haven’t attracted your Mr. Right is because you weren’t taught how to attract and create a deep connection?

And if you haven’t been able to attract him on your own by now, perhaps it’s time to allow me support you!

Finally… A Proven Blueprint to Unleash Your Feminine Power & Attract the Husband You Deserve!

Imagine... How Amazing Your Life Will Be With Mr. Right?

Can you imagine how amazing your life will be when you attract your Mr. Right and enjoy the simple pleasure of life together… like waking up in the arms of a man you truly respect – who loves you deeply?  


  • Feel and experience intense love and trust that creates a deep connection on every level in your life and in love.
  • Finally enjoy and celebrate a soul level and unconditional love and acceptance of each other.
  • Research shows that when you are in a healthy happy relationship it can significantly improve your health and longevity.
  • You will let go of your fears, because you are with a supportive partner that will pick you up when you are down and believe in you when you don’t even believe in yourself.

These are just a few of the benefits you will begin to experience when you decide to make this your year to attract your Mr. Right.

These are the same realities that hundreds of women are already enjoying as a result of my Love Mastery Group Coaching Program.

Wanting and desiring your Mr. Right is natural and can be a relaxing and fun experience, free from fear, frustration and hopelessness, and I want to show you how.

And the fact that you are on this page right now means that you are ready and willing to do the work to identify and clear your love blocks so you can ultimately attract your best friend, your soul mate, your Mr. Right.

You Could Be My Next Love Success Story!

As women we have the capability to transform our experiences and pain into energy and strength.  This program will help you clear the past and gently strengthen your resilsence muscle so you can consciously reclaim your feminine essence with grace and ease.

If you’re ready to let go of struggle and break through the fear of whatever is blocking you from the love and life you desireLove Mastery is the program for you. Extraordinary things happen when powerful women come together. They give birth to the Authentic Soul, they don’t just change themselves – but an entire world!  Yes, we will cry, laugh, sing, hug, dance, eat and create life long sisterhood that will support you.

Come on this journey with me and I promise, you will transcend into the life and love of your dreams with grace, dignity and ease. Here’s the Real Deal, results like these aren’t available anywhere else, not in families, schools or society. We are educated in life, but not in love and relationships.


Love Mastery is what’s been missing. Isn’t it YOUR time to be seen as a highly valued woman and deeply loved for who you authentically are?

Join me on this journey of a lifetime, I promise you that together; we will create a delicious life that you can enjoy on your terms!

A Divine Experience. I thought attracting a high-quality mature man who is ready for a committed relationship, would be easy.
However I learned that there was one catch… I had to STOP wasting my time, dating the wrong type of men who constantly hurt my feelings and left me disillusioned, disappointed with a broken heart. Once I stopped leading with my masculine energy and unleashed the feminine power within me – I  no longer obsessed over impressing Mr. Wrong – I effortlessly attracted my soul mate.”

Samantha - 4/23/16

Camille is a gifted mentor and intuitive coach. I took your course and in just a few months, I began to understand men, improved my dating game, up level my love vibration, learned how to attract and create meaningful connections with Mr. Right. In addition, I learned how to cultivate and sustain the healthy loving relationship that I’ve always desired. YES!

Thank you for creating my personal  BLUEPRINT TO DATING DIFFERENTLY!”

Jackie 12/23/16

One of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made!  Prior to working with GMRU, I went from one relationship to the next wondering why men never introduce me to their family or friends, why they lied, cheated, pressured me for sex and then disappeared– on a loyal and dedicated woman like ME?  This left me devastated and confused and worst of all I never got any closure from him.  He led me to believe we were building a future together. But thanks to Camille, I finally identified my blind spots, recognized my worth and now I am the CLO of my love life.”

Mikko - 12/1/15

A Bodacious Love Breakthrough Program! I am a very successful woman who dominates as an Educator and CEO of my own Company. My life – “successful,” yet I struggled when it came to romantic relationships. On my own, I  couldn’t figure out why I was STILL SINGLE. After just one session with Camille, I  understood my “why”  and what shifts I needed to make to clear my love blocks, do my inner work, change my mindset and let go of the past – which allowed me to trust again,  become more vulnerable, open myself to love differently to attract and keep my Mr. Right.”

Denise 1/30/16

We work with Smart, Strong, Successful Women, just like you…


& MARRIAGES with Quality Men!

Nationally Acclaimed 

Love Mastery – 9 Month Group Program



Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY by the Love Mastery Program! It is the ONLY program for women that educates and empowers you to turn inward towards the truth of who you were truly created to be and learn how to create the Healthy Love and fulfilling life that you deserve. This step-by-step IRRESISTIBLE Blueprint to dating differently for Busy, Smart and Successful women who are ready to get over a your broken heart, awaken your deepest feminine essence, identify what’s blocking them from love and create a deeper connection with themselves and with their Mr. Right.  

– Release Your Love Blocks & Learn to Secrets to Attracting and Creating The Relationship Of Your Dreams.

Inside this proven step-by-step Love Mastery Program,  you’ll discover:

♥️ Discover who you are. Identify and clear lingering love blocks and limiting beliefs (baggage: pain, disappointment or resentment) and help you gain an awareness of how you may be sabotaging your relationships, and how to stop it for good so that you energetically open yourself up to attracting the love you deserve.

♥️ Fall deeply in love with YOU! Learn to set clear boundaries and boost your self-love, self confidence and self-worth so you feel like the divine feminine high-valued gift that you are and start to shift your love vibration so that you position yourself to attract healthy, stable relationship-ready men who pursue you, instead of broken unavailable men who won’t commit.

♥️Relationship Clarity: Discover the issues that are keeping you attached to your ex.  Create a clear vision of what you want (and don’t want!) in your relationship, and learn how to communicate your needs and boundaries with confidence in a way that inspires him to meet your needs positively.  You will learn how to attract a high-quality man who knows your worth, loves your authenticity and supports your dreams.

♥️Feminine Mastery: Discover why you hold the power to ignite his love and how to use your femininity to inspire chivalry, affection, giving, dates and connections.  Activate your feminine essence, reveal your feminine genius in a way that allows you to align with your core values and trust your intuition to guide you to live a fulfilling life with more love, success and free-flowing prosperity. You will learn to embody your true self-worth,  feel valued and appreciated. Learn to boldly stand in your truth, and live authentically from your heart. Embrace your feminine essence by learning to receive more and do less in a healthy loving way.

♥️Understand How High-Caliber Men Think: Gain deep understanding into what a relationship-ready man who wants to be in a loving, committed relationship is looking for, including how to create a deep connection with him and how to stand out as unique from ALL other women. You’ll learn how to attract a man with whom you can create soul-level love the one you want to share your life with and start a family with if you choose.

♥️Guide to Online & Offline Dating: Learn how to make dating FUN and EFFORTLESS.  How to set up your online profile in a way that attracts the high-quality men that you desire, what to say in your online communications, how to avoid common pitfalls and how to go from First Date to Love Mastery on a Soul Level.

Plus So Much More!





  • Gain confidence and Clarity in your Love and Life vision.
  • Create the structures, supreme self-care routine and activities that increase your happiness have you feeling vibrant by your own life so you’re a fantastic date and a woman that a man desires to commit to. 
  • We will create a Love map and profile that will guide you effortlessly in your journey to your Mr. Right and calibrate your GPS (Guy Picker System) so that you can break the cycle of selecting wrong men.
  • Let go of things, activity and people that drain your energy so that you can live your life on your own terms. Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and show up authentic in life and in your relationships.



  • Identify and clear unconscious love blocks and limiting beliefs (baggage) and help yourself gain an awareness of how you may be sabotaging your relationships, and how to stop these bad habits for good.
  • Heal family dynamics, release old programming resulting from core emotional conditioning, go past pain and dysfunctional dynamic that are keeping you stuck in relationship drama.
  • Learn how to align yourself with your authentic truth so that you can open your heart to love and powerfully move forward to attract more love, passion, fulfillment and happiness to your life and in all of your relationships.
  •  Learn to set clear boundaries and boost your self-love, self confidence and self-worth so you feel like the divine feminine high valued gift that you are and start to shift your love vibration so that you position yourself to attract healthy, stable relationship-ready men who pursue you.



  • Learn the science behind being irresistible and tools of feminine activation and behavior that ignite love.
  • Develop the techniques and behaviors required to naturally trigger, attract and keep a good quality Alpha Male. 
  • Learn how to release masculine energy and break free from strong independent women work mode.
  • Discover the art of deep love through awakening your ability to be vulnerable, receive his love, be authentic and confident.
  • Open your heart to receiving love, embrace your feminine radiance and your desire of wanting a husband and without feeling that you are needy or desperate. 



  • Once you learn what high quality alpha men who are ready to make a commitment are actually thinking when it comes to women and dating, you will be able to make intelligent and informed choices when it comes to love and chemistry. 
  • Learn about the different types of men, how to trust your instincts and select Mr. Right
  • Discover why you hold the power to ignite his love and how to use your femininity to inspire chivalry, affection, giving, dates and connection.  
  • Develop the art of open and honest communication, conflict resolution and decision-making. Learn how to draw him by communicating in an irresistible way that will give him what he wants and get you what you need.    



  • Learn that the key to understanding is in the different way that men and women communicate as well as understanding your partner’s love language. 
  • Develop the art of open and honest communication, conflict resolution and decision-making.
  • Learn how to draw him by communicating in an irresistible way that will give him what he wants and get you what you need.




  • Learn powerful practices for dating with dignity and honoring your core values with men.
  • Learn the best ways and places to meet high quality relationship ready men.
  • Learn how to date, feel great, laugh and receive his love
  • Discover how to inspire deep connection, commitment and marriage.
  • Learn how to respond to the “Sex Talk” with your new man within the first 90 days. 



  •  Walk through the steps of building a healthy relationship and defining relationship standards as well as how to set boundaries, deal with jealousy & infidelity in your relationship.
  • Discover the system for resolving conflicts and learning from them. 
  • You will also learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings, happiness, emotional safety and self-worth, without blaming your partner for your feelings.  
  • In addition, you will value your time together and appreciate your time apart.



  • Discover what your husband wants and needs at a deep soul level, and what it takes to make him happy 

  • Master the art of emotional and physical fidelity and trust
  • Learn how to create an atmosphere of peace and love.
  • Avoid quarrels, admit your faults, forgive and be determined to settle matters before the sun sets. Understand why being a capable wife in all areas is still important. 
  • Discover God’s purpose for marriage, the differences between being in submission and being obedient and how to yield to God’s word in love and including areas of intimacy.



  • Now that you have learned how to attract Mr. Right and build a healthy relationship, it’s time to learn the steps to maintaining a vibrant healthy relationship that is founded on friendship.  
  • Discover why unconditional love will ensure that you maintain a deep connection and intimacy.

  • Identify the most effective habit that you must cultivate each and every week to keep your relationship spicy. Learn how to show your partner love in the way he can receive it best.  



  • Break through blocks, shame and limitations to experience great bliss and joy in your life.
  • Create a more fulfilling and intimate relationship with your mate.



Please click the link below to complete the application form. Once you submit your application, it will be personally reviewed by Camille and we will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted by February 28th for early applicants.  

[Once you have completed your enrollment process…]

[You will be given access to the Get Mr. Right  Program Libraries & LIVE Weekly Q&A Sessions with Camille – Starting March 27th]

Applications close on Sunday, March 25, 2018 at Midnight EST.





Once you submit your application for this program and your $497 non-refundable registration fee,  you can pay your tuition in full or select an easy payment option.

( Your deposit will be applied towards your tuition)

Easy Monthly Payment Plan

Make ten (10) monthly payments


(Save Over $9,200 Early Bird Registration Ends Midnight, February 28, 2018)

(*Regular Gold Tuition: $997 Per Month)

The Love Mastery Group Program launches:

March 27, 2018 – Mark Your Calendar!

Kick-off with a “LIVE Orientation Call” to jumpstart your results and connect with Camille & Love Mastery Sisters

STILL HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS? If you’re feeling inspired to make this your year for love and know that you want support to make sure you meet, attract and keep a high-quality man, click the button to “SCHEDULE A NO-COST DISCOVERY SESSION” and let’s chat to see if the Love Mastery Group Program is right for you.









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9 Month Group Program

Program runs from APRIL 9, 2018 – APRIL 2019

 Orientation Call to jumpstart your results: March 27th.
• Three (2), “LIVE” 60 minute transformational group-coaching calls each month where you will learn and grow.   Plus interactive Live Q&A sessions.
• Audio & Video replays you keep forever
• Live and Virtual Love Mastery Retreats (optional add-ons)

Coaching and Accountability

1 Private one-on-one hour – Video Conference Love Strategy Coaching Intensive calls where I lay out a personalized plan for you. (Booked as soon as you make your deposit).

• 1 Private 50-Minute Coaching Calls per month for individualized support, align your intentions and ensure accountability and transformation.



• Monthly Love-Lessons and Reflective Worksheets, handouts designed to help you peel back the layers of your life, guide you through your transformation and move you deeper into love.

Inner Circle of Sisters

• Access to Private Facebook Community where you will be mentored and bond with other fabulous women and get direct access to me to answer your questions on love



Monthly Recognition Opportunities in our Newsletter, Website and Social Media


 Access to the Get Mr. Right University Library

Events, Retreat & Travel

• Opportunity to participate “Get Mr. Right” Sponsored Events.
• Opportunities to participate in Matchmaking Events.
• Learn more about an opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world

Option to be one of 18 women to attend the annual all-inclusive Love Rejuvenation Retreat in Oct. 2018.

These “fast action takers” bonuses are only available when you register for LOVE MASTERY PROGRAM TODAY!


+ One Complimentary Admission Ticket 

(Hotel and Transportation is not included)

When You Register by March 5th

(Use “Early Bird Retreat” Code)

All Inclusive:


October 2018 | Live 4-Day Retreat

This Years Location to be announced shortly

Click here to Learn More about the Love Rejuvenation Retreat

Relax, Reconnect, Rejuvenate and Reignite your Love and Life!



These powerful 10 minute sessions via Voxer are designed to provide a laser focused approached to set you up for success on your  date with guidance on smooth conversation and reminders to relax and have fun.  We will follow up the dates with a laser focused lessons learned session to provide relationship clarity and how to get out of your head and  trust your gut.


Enjoy monthly private coaching calls where we will work on your personal blueprint and talk you through your personal branding strategy and tackle your current challenges, eliminate your blind spots and get support.


Access the groundbreaking interview training series where you will gain deep understanding from 16+ experts helping you to identify and clear what’s blocking you from attracting the Love and Life of Your Dreams!


Throughout your membership year, you will have access to our private “Get Mr. Right University” Love Mastery Facebook Group where you can network, get support and request feedback from me and our international sisterhood!


Enjoy access to timed “power hour” Stay on point during which you get the extra support needed to help you meet your goals faster.  These extra training sessions are designed to ensure that your energy, thoughts and emotions are vibrating at a frequency that helps you attract and manifest the love you deserve even faster.



  • Live Interactive Kick off and Course Orientation (March 27th)
  • Access to (2) “Live” Monthly Coaching Training Classes
  • LIVE Group Q&A Sessions
  • (1) One Hour Kick-Start Strategy Session to create your personalized irresistible blueprint
  • (1) 50-Minute Monthly Private Check-up Sessions to fine-tune your transformation
  • (1) 50-Minute Midpoint Accountability Sessions to ensure that you remain on track
  • 10 Minute pre/post Dating Support (first of 10 women only) via the VOXER Application
  • Accountability Partner 
  • Group Online and Offline Dating support
  • 1 Copy of My Book: Successful Women Date Differently
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Celebrate relationship milestones on website and social media community
  • Lifetime Access Recordings
  • ** Access to Get Mr. Right University Library.

Gold membership (Value $29,997) in the Get Mr. Right University Love Mastery is $4997.00. Payment plans are available, or you may pay in full and enjoy a generous $250 savings, bringing the Gold Membership investment to just $4,747 plus credit fee.
($497 deposit required) *Early Bird Registration Ends February 28, 2018 – Regular Gold Tuition: $997 Per Month.


  • All benefits of Gold +Plus…
  • Total of (3) 50 Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions per month
  • Access to Monthly “Get Your Mind Right” Power Hour Sessions
  • 15-Minute pre/post Dating Support via the VOXER Application
  • Access to our Private Single Mixer Soiree
  • All Inclusive Luxury Love Rejuvenation Retreat- Oct. 2018 (Hotel, Meals and Retreat Activities included. Travel to Retreat not included.)
  • Online Dating Profile Support
  • Additional VIP 1/2 day pre/post retreat
  • Professional Boudoir Session
  • Group Dating Image and Style Assessment and Makeover
  • 6 (30 Minute) Emergency Support Sessions

Platinum Membership (Value $39,997) in the Get Mr. Right Love Mastery is $11,964. Payment plans are available, or you may pay in full and enjoy a generous $1000 savings, bringing the Gold Membership investment to just $10,964, plus credit fee.

($997 deposit required)

Your Love Mastery Program benefits begin in March 27, 2018. Acceptance is first come, first served.  Once all spots are filled, the Program will be closed to new members until 2019!

Learn the Secrets to Attracting the Love You Deserve!

Please Note Our Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  •  This is a 9-month self-improvement program.  Registration, deposits and payments are non-cancellable , non-refundable and non-transferrable commitment.
  • Cancellations or no-shows (regardless of the reason) are non-refundable.
  • No exceptions.This program requires a $497 non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot.
  • There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations and you are legally and financially entirely responsible for the FULL payment (tuition) of the program cost including and incurred fees, as well as legal and collections fees upon cancellation.