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5 Essential Steps to Stop Dating the Wrong Type of Men

So You Can Attract Your Mr. Right!

Join woman from all over the world for this innovative and unplugged virtual training series designed to accelerate your journey to attracting Mr. Right.

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Attracting the quality, healthy relationship you truly deserve can seem difficult these days and you might feel like you can't attract a high-quality relationship-man without running the risk of being used, getting hurt by lies, cheating, ghosting or gas-lighting.  

Or perhaps you are frustrated with the current dating culture and feel like there are no good available men out there and now you're feeling hopeless about attracting your Mr. Right.

Girl... It's time to stop wasting time on the wrong man, that continue to convince you to give him the sex he wants but never gives you the commitment & ring you deserve!

If you’re ready to let go of struggle and break through the fear of whatever is blocking you from the love and life you desire – then Join me for this [FREE] 5-PART MASTER CLASS VIDEO SERIES, where I'll teach you the shifts that you need to make when interacting with men  to determine if he is your Mr. Right and how to FINALLY get the commitment you've always desired with your soul-mate when you implement this powerful, proven strategy in your life.




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You'll Learn these 5 Proven Steps to Stop Attracting Toxic Love, And Get Your Mr. Right:

  • Session #1: Identify your blindspots that are causing you to attract the same "wrong" type of men over and over again.
  • Session #2: How to Break the cycle of Dating the Wrong type of men.
  • Session #3: How To Attract High Quality Men Who Are Looking To Be In A Committed Relationship.
  • Session #4: Discover why your masculine energy is literally repelling relationship-ready men.
  • Session #5: Learn a proven-effective system to get him to pursue and want only you.
  • Session #6: Coaching Lab and Q&A Session.

Are you wondering...

Why Am I Still Single?

If you seem to keep attracting the wrong kind of men and you’re having trouble attracting the love you deserve, there may be something blocking you from the love you deserve which is preventing you from attracting your Mr. Right.  

- I can get results for you quickly!



"A Divine Experience.  I thought attracting a high-quality mature man who is ready for a committed relationship, would be easy.
However I learned that there was one catch... I had to STOP wasting my time, dating the wrong type of men who constantly hurt my feelings and left me disillusioned, disappointed with a broken heart. Once I stopped leading with my masculine energy and unleashed the feminine power within me - I  no longer obsessed over impressing Mr. Wrong - I effortlessly attracted my soul mate."


"Camille is a gifted mentor and intuitive coach. I took your course and in just a few months, I began to understand men, improved my dating game, up level my love vibration, learned how to attract and create meaningful connections with Mr. Right. In addition, I learned how to cultivate and sustain the healthy loving relationship that I've always desired. YES!

Thank you for creating my personal  BLUEPRINT TO DATING DIFFERENTLY!"


"One of the BEST decisions I've ever made!  Prior to working with GMRU, I went from one relationship to the next wondering why men never introduce me to their family or friends, why they lied, cheated, pressured me for sex and then disappeared-- on a loyal and dedicated woman like ME?  This left me devastated and confused and worst of all I never got any closure from him.  He led me to believe we were building a future together. But thanks to Camille, I finally identified my blind spots, recognized my worth and now I am the CLO of my love life."


About Camille

Hi, My name is Camille Sheppard-Parrish, PhDc, MBA, CCP, PMP and as a certified Life and Healthy Love Coach, (relationship and dating expert) - I can get results for you quickly!  I am the founder of Get Mr. Right University, the author of Successful Women Date Differently: Secrets to Attracting the Love You Deserve and creator of Launch Your Business Empire.

I help women all over the world, overcome difficult challenges that hold them back from attracting relationship-ready men and the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. I'm all about to providing you with a one-of-a-kind holistic coaching experience (through her programs and retreats) that will provide the necessary guidance to identity blocks, unconscious behaviors, remove limiting beliefs, boost your self-esteem, discover what makes you happiness, activate your femininity energy and shift your love vibration… and ultimately: BE THE WOMAN WHO GETS HER MR. RIGHT!