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Private 1-on-1 coaching is designed to help you identify what’s blocking you so that you can get clear, be confident, and get moving towards creating the Love and Lifestyle you truly deserve.  Your Coach will hold you accountable to ensure that you make the changes you desire.  Without partnering with a coach your breakthrough takes longer and often it doesn’t occur at all! 

An 6-week journey where you will gain insight and support to help you breakthrough: push past your fear, identify and remove love blocks, love yourself more, tap into your femininity so that you can attract the Love and Healthy Relationship you deserve on a conscious level.  This program starts with a 60-minute breakthrough session and (2) 30-minute session. 

* This program is a prerequisite for the 12-Month Love Breakthrough Program

Learn the Irresistible Blue Print to Dating Different that guides you to Identifying and clearing what’s blocking you from the Love and Life you deserve.  This program is designed to help single women or recently broken-hearted heal, rebuild their confidence and learn to attract the love you truly deserve, ignite passion and build a healthy and lasting relationship with your Mr. Right.  This program includes 3 weekly classes per month, 1 Live Monthly Q&A Coaching Session, and  (3) 40-minute personal accountability call with me per month.

A wise woman builds her house on a solid foundation. This program is for women who want to learn the secrets of keeping her husband happy and home. You will also learn how to communicate with your husband effectively to ensure that your needs are fully met. This program includes (2) 45-minute personal sessions per month.

Next Session Starts: Fall 2017 (Classes offered twice a year)

This program is for smart couples that recognize that your engagement is the perfect time to deepen your relationships and prepare for life beyond your wedding day.  Learn how to balance your feelings of euphoria and uncertainty in a way that will allow you to walk down the aisle with confidence and certainty.  This program is offered as a group or individual.

For women seeking to revive and rejuvenate love, communication and intimacy with their husband. This programs starts with a 90-minute breakthrough session and (1) 50-minute session per month.

I only work with a select group of women at any given time so I can give each student the necessary, love energy and attention. Love, life and business coaching is a serious investment for those women who are ready invest in themselves to create the love, life and business they deserve.